Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Happy 70th Birthday, Bob! -- from German impressario Fritz Rau

Back in 2006, for Bob Dylan's 65th birthday, I did a series of interviews with both German and international artists/persons with a connection to Bob, among them German impressario Fritz Rau and Eric Burdon.

Both Eric and Fritz, when asked if they wanted to send birthday wishes to Bob, were more than eager to comply.

Fritz Rau had this to say (German language, translation by myself):
"This is great -- we've done some nice tours together, starting in 1978, and  
I wish Bob Dylan a nice and quiet birthday. 
I cherish him and am indebted to him for many great songs, many lyrics, poems, and music -- ALL THE BEST.
I can only say: Keep doing what you're doing -- we need you!"

© Manfred Helfert 2006

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