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Bob Dylan Content in Broadside magazine (new original post, February 2011)

Spent all day today browsing through the back issues of Broadside magazine -- what a treasure trove for anyone interested in the early Bob Dylan and his contemporaries like Peter LaFarge, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Eric Andersen, Len Chandler, or Buffy Sainte-Marie....

I'm sure that it will keep me busy for weeks, not the least because the pdf files created from faded mimeo-
graphed or typewritten copies of the magazine, especially those of the earliest issues, are "kinda hard to to read" at times -- the website claims that "All issues from # 1-186 are now available free on this site," which is not quite true (I noticed issues #68 and #69 missing).

A good way to start is with the Index pages:

"There are several indexes to Nos. 1-145 that were created in the 1980s and there are two indexes to 146-186 that were created especially for this website."

A list of songs by Bob Dylan published in Broadside 
(from Index to Songs in Issues 1-144, by Author), 
all titles provided as published/indexed:

Issue #001:
Talking John Birch

Issue #003:
I Will Not Go Down under the Ground

Issue #006: 
Blowin' in the Wind                                                                 

Issues #011-012:
Ain't Gonna Grieve

Issue #016:
Emmett Till, Ballad of

Issue #017:
Oxford Town
Paths of Victory

Issue #20:
It's All Right, Babe                                                         
Masters of War
Playboys & Playgirls

Issue #021:
Rise & Fall of Hollis Brown

Issue #022:
John Brown

Issue #023:
Train A-Travelin'

Issue #024:
Fare Thee Well

Issue #031:                                              
Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Issue #033:
He's Only a Pawn in Their Game

Issue #039:
Times They Are A-Changin'

Issue #043:
Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll

Issue #056:
It's All Right Ma, It's Life and Life Only

Issue #116:
George Jackson

Issue #128
Idiot Wind

Issue #141:
Changing of the Guards

In addition to the above songs, Broadside also published Dylan's poems

"For Dave Glover" (Issue #035),
-- for sis and gordon an all broads of good sizes"
(Issue #038).

Other Dylan-related items include:

A "response" to 
"It's All Right, Babe" 
(Don't Think Twice, It's All Right):

-- "It's Not Alright With Me!"
(Eleanor Wallace, 1963)
(Issue #041)
and a "politicised" version 
by Len H. Chandler
"Ain't No Use to Sit and Wonder Why, Chuck" (1964)
(Issue #051)

as well as numerous Dylan-related articles
(check "Index to Articles in Issues 1-144 by Title & Author").

For additional info (or background music while browsing the Broadside website), check out 

(Program #8)

Broadside Magazine Archive 01 

Broadside Magazine Archive 02
Broadside Magazine Archive 03
Broadside Magazine Archive 04
Broadside Magazine Archive 05
Broadside Magazine Archive 06
Broadside Albums Folkways Liner Notes
Broadside CDs Smithsonian-Folkways Liner Notes

"Blind Boy Grunt" appeared on 

Broadside Ballads, Vol. 1  (FW05301)

(not all tracks available for digital download)

 Broadside Ballads, Vol. 6: Broadside ReunionFW05315)

(not all tracks available for digital download)

and is included on the excellent compilation

The Best of Broadside 1962-1988 (SFW 40130).

Any copyrighted items are included here for "nonprofit educational purposes" (one of the criteria of "fair use", Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107).
Original content (c) Manfred Helfert 2011.

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